During the last 16 years our Engineering and Technology company "TECHNIKA" has proved to be one of the most reliable manufacturer for machineries and equipments for the production of burnt anode for the Russian, CIS and foreign aluminium industry. Our dominating advantages compared to other world wide manufacturers are:

Comparative low cost
High resistance during attrition
Longer exploitation


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Casting method in earth (sandy-argillaceous forms,) Running wheels, scroll pumps, jack, tillers
Investment casting pattern (Exact foundry, LVM) Jack, shoulders ,shot-spraying and Bush doses casting
Coated casting (Cortical founding) and other modern technology casting
Casting different types of alloys - Cast-Iron
Aluminium, Bronze and Brass
We have long experience in casting different types of smelted materials. non-corrosive and other special content alloys for equipments used of abrasive and cavitations wearing
Manufacturing of press forms, stamp and model forms.


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