During the last 16 years our Engineering and Technology company "TECHNIKA" has proved to be one of the most reliable manufacturer for machineries and equipments for the production of burnt anode for the Russian, CIS and foreign aluminium industry. Our dominating advantages compared to other world wide manufacturers are:

Comparative low cost
High resistance during attrition
Longer exploitation


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Argon-arc Welding (non-corrosive and titan alloys,aluminium and bronze)
Electric arc welding for different materials (using different coating material)
Gas welding (including alloys on the basis of copper)
Gas welding alloys on the surface of steel and other surfaces using wearproof ,reinforcing material


Arc deposition for different medium,including rotating components Diameter 50-350mm and Length 100-10000 mm
Automatic and semi-automatic Plasma hard facing rotating components Diameter 50-350 mm, Length 100-10000 mm
Applied materials :
• Alloys on the basis of copper: Brass,Fe and Bronze
• Non-corrosive materials: 12x18N9T (10t)
• Nickel, chrome, Bur silicic
• Alloys containing more than 60% tungsten( wolfram) carbide
• Gas(flame) and plasma spraying for different form of components inclusive of rotating component diameter up to 350mm and Length up to 2000mm.( different axes, rod for hydro-cylinders, Steel and aluminium rollers for the foil rolling production, bush bearing for elbow-type axes and axes for different type of mixer)

PLATING (Chrome, zinc, oxidation, phosphatisation)
Chromium-plating: Rotating component diameter up to 350 mm and length 10000 mm.

Thermal processing
Large surface including Shaft furnace, diameter object up to 500mm and length up to 12000mm.

Chemicothermal processing
Carbonisation (cementation) components of steel alloys containing carbon with sizes as: Diameter up to 1500mm Length up to 4000 mm. Component of austenitic steel diameter 300 mm and length up to 800 mm.

Forge work:

Forging and stamping using press force stamp up to 150 ton force, free malleable,sheet stamping under pressure and hammer of 10 ton force.
Production of small components of metal sheet under gyratory press

Mechanical processing:

Turnery under new technology and machineries
Cutting components using innovative technology
Jig-boring work
Grinding and polishing
Rifling cogs in gears
Thread-rolling and tapping with the use of innovative technology, trapezoid, metrical threading



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